Welcome to the HILSTER Testing Framework documentation. HILSTER Testing Framework (htf) is a part of QABench.

HILSTER Testing Framework is a professional Python Testing Framework with a strong focus on reporting, industrial applications and functional safety. We are committed to enabling well structured and easy to understand tests. You can find a demo of the main features of HILSTER Testing Framework at htf-demo.

The HILSTER Testing Framework is developed and maintained by HILSTER. HILSTER offers continuous updates as well as customer support.

htf is free to use with a community license. Commercial licensing options are available.

Applications include: hardware-in-the-loop, hardware-software integration tests, system tests, end-of-line tests, as well as unittests and software-software integration tests.

Key features are: state-of-the-art test runner with fixtures and minimal overhead, tagging, smart reporting, interactive testing, data driven testing and behavior driven development.

htf seamlessly integrates with your existing continuous integration setup.

Working with binary data structures and communication protocols is comfortable using OSER.

For questions and suggestions, please contact us.

Have a lot of fun!