htf is currently certified for the following standards:

Validated htf Versions

Validated htf versions are installed slightly differently and lead to a perfect reconstruction of the installation of the validated environment.

In addition, the integrity of the environment is checked at runtime.


htf version

Dashboard version

Python version

Release date

Certificated for






ISO/TR 80002-2

To install a validated version of htf please follow the installation documentation.

Validated htf versions verify the system environment automatically and put the collected information into the test report’s metadata.

To use validation you need the verification license feature.

If you want to use the Dashboard in a validated environment, it has to match the version specified in the table above. You can find more information in the Dashboard documentation.

System Environment Verification

To verify the system environment htf-validated needs to be installed and the verification license feature is needed.

Verification is done automatically and it can be disabled by adding --without-verification to htf run or htf dryrun, e.g.

htf run --without-verification

It can also be disabled by setting the environment variable HTF_DISABLE_VERIFICATION to any value.

To verify the system environment explicitly, run

htf verify

or call htf.verify from Python.