Report Tool

This chapter demonstrates the use of the report-tool. Sometimes it is necessary to transform the filetype of a report, or merge reports from multiple test runs together.

You can find more information in the report-tool documentation.

Merge Reports

To merge test reports from multiple sources you only need to supply the original test reports and specify an output type and filename.

You can use the sample reports located in report_tool/ to test the feature.

To merge both reports to a html-report, run

cd report_tool
report-tool html_report.html xml_report.xml -H merged_report.html

You can find the resulting file in merged_report.html.

To merge both reports to a json-report, run

report-tool html_report.html xml_report.xml -x merged_report.json

Once again you can find the resulting file in merged_report.json.

Change Report Filetypes

To convert the test report and change the filetype, specify the source file and the output format.

To convert a html-report to a xml-report, run

report-tool html_report.html -x converted_report.xml

The resulting file can be found in converted_report.xml.

To convert a single file to all possible report types in one command, run

report-tool html_report.html -x converted_report.xml -H converted_report.html -j converted_report.json -Y converted_report.yml